Freshwater explorer testkit


We designed our Freshwater explorer testkit for people of all ages.

No previous testing experience required. Our field guides and training videos include step-by-step directions on how to use the different tests, understand the results, and record your observations in our app. This kit is a great way for small organizations and individuals to gather data on their lakes and rivers without breaking the bank.

Starting in 2022, you can now add on a private training webinarIn it, one of our skilled Water Quality or Education Coordinators will teach you how to use your testkit and how to upload your results to our data platform.

You can also add your own custom design for an additional fee. These should be in a single colour as a simple line graphic. We will create a mockup for your approval!

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This kit requires handling glass and chemicals, so it’s suited to those who like to feel like real scientists. This kit has also been compared to professional probes by Carleton University with good results: read the report.

Each kit contains…

  • Thermometer (air temperature)
  • Secchi disc (water clarity or depth)
  • A pack of 50 test strips (chlorine, pH, alkalinity, hardness)
  • Container to collect used test strips
  • Conductivity meter (tests for conductivity, TDS, and water temperature)
  • Conductivity meter calibration instructions + solution
  • Water Rangers branded towel
  • 2 sample containers with lid
  • Testkit field notepad and pen
  • Field guide
  • 3 Whirl-Pak bags with 3 gloves
  • Chemetrics Dissolved Oxygen Kit (comes with 30 ampoules)
  • Container to collect used dissolved oxygen
  • 4 stickers and 3 badges
  • Reacher stick
  • Magnet reminder of this year’s testing dates

Additional information

Weight 2.6 kg
Dimensions 31 × 26 × 21 cm

English, Français


Parameter FAQs

We are currently conducting research involving tests for high level phosphates, but have yet to find tests that we’re happy with. Field tests that are currently available on the market can you let you know if phosphates are present, but can’t tell you to what extent they are present. In other words, they’re not quite sensitive enough to be useful! Also, many of the field tests require you to handle reagents that can be toxic, and that makes disposal difficult, meaning they wouldn’t be safe for kids to use. We are watching this space closely, and working with partners to see if this can change.

Just like with phosphates, this is another parameter where the tests we’ve tried aren’t sensitive enough unless you’re in a pollution event. Probes we’ve seen don’t seem very sensitive, and experts we’ve worked with aren’t sure how accurate they are.

While we have seen some field tests that give you an ‘absence/presence’ for E. coli, they are bulky and expensive, and often single use. They also don’t give us a numerical value, making them irrelevant for natural water systems (where a count of 200 would still be safe for swimming). Absence/presence would give too many false alarms. All of this to say- you need a lab to test for E. coli!

Partnership FAQs

We are always looking to partner with new or established organizations! We have launched a program that allows you to generate revenue for your organization while helping to grow the sustainable water monitoring movement. Take a look at our Ambassador Program to learn more!

That’s a great initiative! We’re always happy to partner with organizations, non-profits, schools, etc. to co-write a grant proposal to set up citizen monitoring programs. We’ve had good success in the past, but of course, we can’t guarantee anything. We’ve also prepared this fundraising toolkit to help groups think about how they want to set up their program.

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