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Are you going to the Ocean?

We have prepared 8 testkits for people to borrow. Learn how to test water in Ottawa and then at the ocean, to learn more about these two ecosystems. We’re currently testing our kits and this is the first round, so we appreciate your feedback.

What you do:

  1. Get a testkit (signup here! We can drop a kit off or arrange to leave it somewhere like Hub Ottawa.)
  2. Get trained (in person, by reading the guide in the testkit, or by watching the video below)
  3. Sign up for an account on
  4. Join the Ocean Explorer’s group so we can see everyone’s observations together. Click “request to join group” in the top right corner when you’re logged in.
  5. Bring the kit to the ocean to test
  6. Try to choose a testing location that you’ll be able to find, describe, and return to.
  7. Try and conduct tests over time (one week apart is perfect) to create trend graphs.
  8. Take photos and let us know your thoughts on the whole experience: what was frustrating? what was surprising?

Other resources

You can also download and print out the testkit-guide that is included in our kit. It can be printed double-sided on 6 sheets of paper.

Print out notebook pages (to record test results when you have no phone reception). Be sure to record the time and your notes!


Thank you to Ottawa Wavemakers, Hub Ottawa and WWF Canada for supporting these testkits!

Borrow a testkit

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