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Water Rangers envisions a world where water-based research and crowdsourced information make it easy to understand when water is healthy and when it needs help. As water systems become increasingly sensitive, we strive to equip all stakeholders with the tools they need to protect waterways.

Water Rangers is an online platform designed to empower citizens to discover existing data, report issues like algae blooms and record observations of their lakes, streams and rivers. It also gives tools (like our new testkits!) to groups so they can mobilize volunteers to make an impact on their watersheds.

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Easy, accessible water data

Water Rangers is currently being used by more than 30 groups located in Ontario, Quebec, Alabama and Florida. We have over 16,000 observations from different sources, including one indigenous community, two municipalities, three schools, two conservation authorities and ten NGOs. 

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Who are the Water Rangers?

We are fellow citizens who want to use our skills, as web designers and developers, to help protect water. We’re huge believers in the power of citizen groups and big data to change the world.

We’ve won two data challenges, Aquahacking and Great Lakes Observing System (GLOS) Data Challenge, where they loved our combination of open-data, citizen science and the latest technology. Our partners include Ottawa Riverkeeper, Mobile Baykeeper, and many more!

Right now we’re working on a project with Ontario150, where we give 17 new community groups water testkits to monitor 150 new locations for Canada’s birthday! (for those not in Ontario, you can still have a look at our testkit store

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