Using your own equipment

You don’t need to use Water Rangers’ testkits to access and use our data platform. If you’re passionate about water and you’re already part of a group that has their own equipment, or if you have equipment yourself, you can still use our platform to share your data! By uploading your data to our data platform, you’re helping to create a baseline for water bodies across North America. That’s why each observation counts; by sharing your data, you help us know which areas aren’t being monitored. 

If you have your own equipment, you can: 

  • Share your data on our platform to make it accessible to anyone
  • Customize your observation form to match the parameters you’re measuring
  • Create a group to manage different users 
  • Report issues related to water quality, pollution, and more!

How to use our platform

Groups using our platform for data collection

There are several citizen and watershed groups that already share their data on our platform. 

  • The Rideau Valley Conservation Authority has uploaded close to 8,000 observations from over 350 locations! They’ve decided to test for phosphorus and nitrogen, two parameters that aren’t part of the Water Rangers testkit but that are very important to understand the health of water bodies. 
  • Over the border, in Alabama, Mobile Bay Keepers test year round and include measurements of fluorescence. They also report many issues at the sites they test and provide follow-ups, which is a great way to update the community on water issues in their area. As an example, you can see the summary of a turbidity issue they reported on the Fowl River which led to an investigation by the Alabama Department of Environmental Management (ADEM) as to possible causes. By updating the issues page, you can relay important information to people in your community and provide them with up to date information on any issues that impact them! 
  • In Mississippi, the Pearl River Clean Water Team focuses their efforts on monitoring E. coli and total coliforms in the different water bodies they test.  
  • We have recently seen an increase in users in Mexico, with David Escandón consistently testing 12 locations. On top of the parameters you can measure with our testkits, he also records E. coli measurements.

These are just a few examples of the different groups and people who are consistently testing and uploading data on our platform with equipment of their own. 

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Don’t have your own equipment?

The Water Rangers platform is set-up to help you get started with the Water Rangers Testkit. Most of our ‘testkitters’ are using the Freshwater Explorer Testkit: