Sharing data

Just like how anyone can contribute to Water Rangers, our open data policy means that anyone can share and use our data! Water Rangers data is useful for checking on the health of your local lake or working on larger scale aquatic conservation research. We act as an open data hub for citizen scientists allowing them to store and share their data with wider research communities and observation networks.

You can log into our data platform to view data trends and summaries as well as download observations for a single site. If you need a larger dataset for research or conservation science, please fill out our simple data request form for the data to arrive in your inbox!

Make sure you are logged in before looking for the “Download data” option on any location summary page

To dive deeper into understanding our data, you can access our online data dictionary guide with more information, as well as a protocol comparison study run by Carleton University.

Please check out our data FAQ or contact us with any further questions!