4. Download our app

Over the past few months, we’ve been developing an app for iPhone and Android so that users can have a better experience on their phones and if they don’t have an internet connection. You can download the iOS version from the App store here: https://itunes.apple.com/sc/app/water-rangers/id1212577408?mt=8.

It’s also available on Android. [Link here]

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Our app

Help us test it!

We have not been promoting it widely, since we’re still trying to make it better and iron out any issues. Our developers are all volunteers, and so do as much as they can to work on our platform in evenings and weekends. It means it can be difficult to test in lots of ‘real-world’ situations, like the ones you experience.

  • Have you had problems logging in?
  • Is the GPS finding you?
  • Have you had trouble submitting your observation?
  • Are you frustrated with how something works?

Without your help, we don’t know when things have gone wrong. Please email Kat with any issues so that we can address them immediately. You’re probably not the only one!

As we are just getting started with the app, if you have the opportunity to have a ‘back-up’ paper copy, and take photos with your camera app. We apologize if you’ve experienced any frustrations.

Prizes for helping us

Because we appreciate your help, we have some prizes for those who find ‘bugs’ for us. They include little things like waterproof phone cases, to big things, like LUSH gift boxes. Email Kat and let her know the bug, and she will give you something nice! Prizes are chosen randomly.

Do you have dev skills?

If you or anyone you know have dev chops in React Native and they are looking for a good cause for their skills, please contact Kat and we’ll talk!  Our developers are awesome, and always looking for more awesome devs to help make our app even better!