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Testing is great, but we love it when it leads to change.

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We work with partners to help them start new testing groups, prepare to lead excursions with youth, plan stewardship practices and share data. Here you'll also find a guide for lake associations, downloadable resources and stories from our community.

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How can we find the best ways to engage people in water science? We research behavioural patterns and how citizen science tools can be validated and improved through comparison and original research in machine learning.

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Discover projects run by our partners, where you can volunteer or advocate for water, cool ideas we've found, and more. You'll be deepen your connection and impact on the environment!

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I went to the Toronto Islands Public school and did some water sampling with three Water Ranger kits with 26 first graders along with several parents and their teacher Biz Arends. This was very exciting for everyone, and the kids were able to learn about the waters right outside their school. The Kits were a great hit, and all the instruments and testing devices were easy to grasp by these young children. The kit was also passed to other grades to see if there were opportunities for old classes to plan for testing the water in warmer weather and doing some scientific studies.

Elise Mackie, Swim Drink Fish