What is it?

Represents Nitrogen in a specific form during the nitrogen life-cycle. Nitrogen compounds dissolved in water are an important class of plant nutrients. Nitrite is a nitrogen waste product in the biological filtration process. In a healthy biological cycle, bacteria convert the nitrite into nitrate, which is relatively non-toxic to fish at certain levels.

Why is it important?

Excess levels of nitrites in water can not only be toxic to fish, but humans as well!

What does it mean?

  • Levels over 1 mg/L are considered dangerous
  • It is natural to have some nitrites in water
  • High levels could indicate runoff from nitrate fertilizers used in agriculture
  • Nitrites versus nitrates is dependent on how much dissolved oxygen is there
  • High levels causes extra plant growth, which then chokes out fish (because it causes lowered oxygen)

Water Rangers Protocol

We do not currently include a test for this in our kit, since none we’ve tried read very low levels. If you know a test that is accurate, affordable and easy-to-use, let us know!

Contributing to the community!

Water Rangers is citizen-scientist led. So, if you have any questions, ideas, or notice any errors related to conductivity, please tell us!