What is it?

E. Coli is a type of fecal coliform bacteria found in the environment, foods, and the intestines of people and animals. Essentially it comes from poo!

Why is it important?

Although most strains are relatively harmless and live in the intestines of healthy humans and animals, the O157:H7 strain produces a powerful toxin and can cause severe illness. Some areas have sewer overflow that have issues with human waste getting into the waterways, while other areas have problems with geese, ducks and other animals, all of which can have an effect on e.coli levels. Drinking water infected with the O157:H7 strain in it is extremely harmful for human consumption!

What does it mean?

This bacteria is carefully monitored when treating drinking water to ensure safe levels!

  • less than 1 coliforms/100mL: Safe for drinking
  • under 100 coliforms/100mL: Safe for swimming
  • under 200 coliforms/100mL: Safe for fishing and boating
  • above 200 coliforms/100mL: AVOID!

Water Rangers Protocol

We do not currently include a test for this in our kit. While many people are working on more portable tests, as it stands, this test can only be performed in a lab.

Testing for e.coli

Ecoli is measured in a lab and it takes 24 hours to get your results. The lab give you special containers and teach you how to make sure your sample isn’t contaminated.

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