What is it?

The greenish-yellow, highly reactive and diatomic gas that is almost never found free in nature by itself. Most chlorine is commercially produced and is most widely known for being used within compounds to purify water / create cleaning products.

Why is it important?

Chlorine is most commonly used to disinfect public water supplies from pathogens, such as bacteria, and viruses, that often grow in water supply reservoirs.

What does it mean?

It is part of what makes our water drinkable!

If you see levels of chlorine in your water, you may be near a water treatment plant, or close to someone dumping pool water.

Water Rangers Protocol

We are in the process of testing this as a new parameter. We’re unsure how it correlates to chloride, which is found in road salts. We’re asking participants to record values to help us determine if it’s important! If you’re interested in this research contact