Kit de test treinamento

Are you visiting the water?

We have prepared testkits for people to buy or borrow when they visit fresh or salt water. Get more information on getting a testkit.

Live training

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What you do:

  1. Get a testkit (Testkits can also be bought. Testkit lending will begin mid-June in Eastern Ontario. If you or your organization would like to sponsor a borrowing testkit, get in touch.)
  2. Get trained (in person, by reading the guide in the testkit, or by watching the video below)
  3. Sign up for an account on
  4. Learn how to use Water Rangers (see video below)
  5. Watch video on how to use your testkit (below)
  6. Bring the kit to the water to test. Use your field guide to make sure you conduct your tests effectively
  7. Try to choose a testing location that you’ll be able to find, describe, and return to.
  8. Try and conduct tests over time (one week apart is perfect) to create trend graphs.
  9. Take photos and give context
  10. Help us make the kit better! Let us know your thoughts on the whole experience: what was frustrating? what was surprising?

Freshwater Explorer Training

For use in lakes and rivers.

Ocean Explorer Training

For use in Marine (ocean) environments

How to use Water Rangers

Thank you to Great Lakes Guardians, Ottawa Wavemakers, Hub Ottawa, WWF Canada and Ontario150 for supporting these testkits!

This program is in its third year, and we’re still improving all the time. By participating, you will be asked to help us improve too 🙂