Going further – for teachers

There is always more to learn about water quality testing! We have created this list of further reading that goes beyond our own supporting materials for understanding water quality and testing. If you would like to browse our supporting materials, click here. If you would like to see some of our blog posts, click here.

This list comes from a Canadian context, with a focus on water quality education in Ontario and Quebec. This list is always changing. As our knowledge and understanding of the science and social issues facing water quality change, so does this list. As our network of educators grows, so too does our context of understanding water quality!

For primary and junior students

Water the Gift of Life: Investigating Environmental Impacts

Crisis on Tap (2011 /video) | CAHR, now Ongomiizwin Research

Explore BioKits | Environment and Climate Change Canada

For intermediate and senior students

Testing Water Quality | OTF Lesson Plan

Guidlines for Canadian Drinking Water | Federal Government of Canada

Our partners who teach

Workshop Registration | Water First Education and Training

Lake and river programs | Watersheds Canada

Workshops | Outdoor Learning Store, Canada’s Non-profit

Conferences, Workshops and Webinars | New Brunswick Environmental Council

2021 Fall Workshop Series | Take Me Outside