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We get it – we’ve been social distancing for a few months now, and we’re keen to find ways to have a great summer while staying safe. There is no better time to get out in nature, cool off in the water, and learn about the communities we call home. We want to give you your own water testkit to help us improve our data and help you have an adventure-filled summer!

We are studying how we can ‘read’ test strips for chlorine, pH, alkalinity and hardness using machine learning to help improve the accuracy of our water health data. We are also trying to understand what motivates people to want to learn about water and protect it.

In exchange for your kit, we’ll ask you to test 8 times over 4 weeks in two locations and fill out a survey before and after you test. All you need is a smartphone and a sense of curiosity!

In order to participate, you need to be a resident of Ontario and be 18 years or older. You can read more about the project and your eligibility here.

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