Borrow an Ocean Explorer Testkit

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Help us beta test our kits!

We’re looking for people from Ottawa to help us test out our kits when they go to the ocean. Each test should take approximately 5 minutes. Get your training here. You can take out the kits for a week or two. We’ll reserve it for you and make sure you get it before you leave on your holiday to the ocean!

Does not include a mobile phone.

Each Ocean Explorer test kit contains

  • Thermometer
  • Conductivity meter (for freshwater) with water temperature gauge
  • Refractometer (for salinity in ocean water)
  • pH, hardness, and alkalinity strips
  • Sample container
  • Secchi disc (for water clarity)
  • 5 Whirl-pak speciment bags
  • Notepaper to fill out when offline
  • Field guide (explains how to conduct tests)
  • Pen
  • A waterproof bag to put your phone in

Buy or borrow, it’s your choice!

Testkits cost $250 to purchase, and we have a few you can borrow (Ottawa only)!

Visit the store

Borrow a kit

We will be email you to make arrangements for getting you a testkit. Currently, you can only borrow them from the Ottawa Area.

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