Welcome Groups!

We want to make it easy for you to share your data online. Once you’ve registered as a group, you’ll be able to organize your volunteers and keep tabs on your region.

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To sign up your group, you need to be signed in.

  1. Register as a user (it’s free): https://app.waterrangers.ca/users/sign_up
  2. Sign in: https://app.waterrangers.ca/users/sign_in
  3. Sign up your group (it’s free): https://app.waterrangers.ca/groups/new
  4. Go to ‘edit’ your profile to set up your form fields based on your prototcol. Here’s a video where you can learn how to use Water Rangers, including customizing your form, setting a region and more!
  5. Don’t have your own testing equipment? Learn more about our citizen science testkits