Author: Kat

Thank you, LUSH!

This year, we had the pleasure to receive funding from LUSH’s charity pot. Because of this funding, we rebuilt our offline app and released it for both iOS and Android. LUSH also generously donated beautiful gift boxes for us to present to those who do more for our waterways. We have prepared a final report […]

Introducing… the Activity feed!

Thanks to the generous support of MEC, we are working on lots of new features to make our website even more useful for everyone. The first one, and the one people have been asking for the most was an activity feed! See the activity feed What people have been saying “I check the website everyday to […]

Seeking Summer Communications Co-ordinator

Version française suivra We are looking for a passionate fluently bilingual student to help us out for 9-10 weeks this summer. You will get the opportunity to learn a lot from a small start-up non-profit: We have great partnerships with local groups such as Ottawa Riverkeeper, RVCA, and MVCA. You will also be helping us […]

Introducing… Version 1 of our Offline App!

Thanks to the generous support of the City of Ottawa, we are launching our first version of our “Offline App”. What it does Many of our users love to record their observations in the field, but when using their web browser, they don’t get the smoothest experience. They also need to have 3G or wifi […]

Announcing… Ontario 150 Testkits!

Canada’s heritage was shaped by wilderness, but most people don’t actively notice it in the bustle of everyday modern life. Through this testkit program, we are teaching new and existing water stewards about water quality and then they will go out and be in nature. By visiting these same spots monthly, they will begin to appreciate […]

Testing pH teststrips!

“It looks like a science lab in here!” Ollie noted, but he didn’t seem surprised. We’ve devoted a whole testkit area in our house and the shelves are already stuffed with my ‘tests’; we both know the madness has only just begun. I had pulled out every type of pH strip I had purchased and they […]

Filtering the map, Regions, Gamification and data downloads!

This has been a busy year for Water Rangers, and thanks to our friends, Mobile Baykeeper, we received funding from the Mobile Bay National Estuary Program in order to create features to make Water Rangers more useful for groups in coastal Alabama. Thank you so much Mobile Bay Estuary Program! We have been able to do […]

Thank you, Ontario Trillium Foundation!

Because of Ontario Trillium Foundation, we were able to improve our app, conduct user testing and grow our platform over the past 6 months. Without Ontario Trillium Foundation, we wouldn’t be where we are today. Last night, we celebrated our 1st birthday alongside thanking OTF for their support. We created this report to celebrate our successes:   […]

Thank you, Ocean Explorers!

This summer, as part of Ottawa Wavemakers (sponsored by Hub Ottawa and WWFCanada) we ran a program to send Ottawa residents to test oceans on their holidays. It was such a great success, and we were overwhelmed by how many people wanted to test the waters. Because of this program, we were able to try out […]

Introducing…. Issue reporting!

Well, we have had a busy summer, both with excursions but also with new features. We have just released our newest big feature: issue reporting. What it does is create a timeline for incidents that may happen around the waterways. It will be particularly useful for the RVCA Algae Watch to show the length of time that […]