Author: Kathleen Murr

Spotlight: CWC Nature Pack

Who are they? CWC Nature Pack is a small group of friends based in Kanata, Ontario who monitor the Monahan Drainage Basin. After discovering Water Rangers online, they applied to receive an Onatrio150 Testkit and were selected as one of the 17 groups. Where do they test? They test 5 different sites around the perimeter […]

Spotlight: Sharbot Lake

Who are they? The Sharbot Lake Monitoring Program is a dedicated group of people who either live, or have cottages on, Sharbot Lake, located in the Frontenac Region of Eastern Ontario. Water Rangers was able to go out on an excursion with them to see what makes them such a strong team. We were so impressed […]

Ottawa River’s Eelusive Eels get Eelectronic Trackers

Water Rangers were out at Petrie Island on Wednesday to see the Ottawa Riverkeeper and the Canadian Wildlife Federation’s 4th Annual Eel Release! The purpose of the event was to increase eel population in this section of the Ottawa River and to track the eels once they are released. Since 2013, 400 American eels have […]

Fish Field Day + Testing Our Instruments

Water Rangers was given the exciting opportunity to join the Rideau Valley Conservation Authority on a City Stream Watch Fish Sampling Session at Steven’s Creek. Our trip served two purposes, to see how the fish are collected and studied, and to compare our testkit instruments to the Conservation Authority’s professional devices. Starting The Day Off: […]

Celebrating Enviroweek at Living Lightly

Today, the Water Rangers participated in a city event called Living Lightly, an event based around the concept of environmental sustainability and reducing environmental impact. We had a booth set up displaying one of our test kits and we had a challenge going on where people had to guess the conductivity of tap water (sourced from the Ottawa River) […]