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We have 17 testkits for groups in Ontario to test the waters this summer.

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Please note, applications are now closed. If you’re still interested in a testkit, visit our store

Fill out this application form by Monday March 13 at 5pm EST to be considered. Those chosen will be notified by Tuesday March 14. Go back to the about page to learn more about this program.


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We are looking to help these communities,but it's not required for participation

This program gives preference to those from Ontario, but we may have additional resources for some groups outside of Ontario

We will have kits for 15 community groups. Individuals will be able to borrow one of two kits for up to a week at a time. If you'd prefer to have your own kit, you can check out our store here.

Groups only

Observations include recording water quality tests or wildlife/invasive species, and reporting issues. We encourage you to return to the same spot throughout the summer for our monthly checkin. Multiple observations can be made each day.

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