Our data flow

Water Rangers is a hub for citizen scientists

By collecting data for local waterways using Water Rangers tools, citizen scientists gather important information that can be used for water conservation action. When this data is shared on our data platform, citizen scientists are able to collect and display it in a format experts need. By becoming accessible on our own platform to anyone, or shared to larger data repositories, citizen science is then ready to inform evidence-based decision making and scientific research.

Our data partners

We are working alongside large-scale data platforms, such as DataStream, to incorporate citizen science data alongside scientific monitoring. When you enter your data into Water Rangers, you are also contributing to large scale efforts such as that of DataStream. This means that your data is likely to be used and relied on for big conservation decisions!

We are also committed to building capacity for citizen science monitoring in data-deficient subwatersheds. This means that by contributing data to Water Rangers, you are helping fill the gaps in Canada’s freshwater monitoring networks.

Read more by downloading our white paper, Growing The Flow.

What’s coming…

We are working hard on creating new data links between citizen scientists and environmental monitoring networks, as well as encouraging the use of citizen science data in ecological research. The more observations and coverage we have, the better our decisions will be. Citizen scientists are an important part of Canada’s water monitoring network, and we are proud to offer the tools, resources, and databases to connect them to larger opportunities!