How do I use my Water Rangers equipment?

Before you use your equipment, make sure to familiarize yourself with the Water Rangers protocol. This will tell you how to pick the best spots to monitor, and will also tell you how often you should go testing!

Our official testing day is the last Sunday of every month (back-ups are Friday, Saturday, and Monday of the same weekend). Remember that regular testing is required to create a baseline, so it’s more important for you to test at less sites more frequently than the other way around!

Once you’ve familiarized yourself with where and when to test, it’s time to get going with your kit!

Below, you’ll find in-depth videos explaining how to use the different tools that come with your Freshwater Explorer kit. If you have our mini Freshwater Explorer kit, these videos will still be helpful for you! Our Freshwater Explorer kit comes with the same tools as our mini kit, plus a few extra.

How to use your Freshwater Explorer testkit

Quick intro (approximately 7 minutes long- watch this video if you’re in a rush!):
Full intro (approximately 56 minutes long- watch this video if you want an in-depth explanation of how to use our Freshwater Explorer kit!):

All of these instructions can be found within the field guide that comes with your kit, too! We definitely recommend reading it from cover to cover.

How to use your Ocean Explorer testkit