How to test

Everyone has their own reasons for wanting to test water. You may be curious about the science, or you may live near a body of water you love and want to protect it. Citizen science is a great way to support professional scientists too: we can help them narrow down where they should study next and address issues.

Who: Everyone! This kit is designed to be used by people with no scientific training, and has been used by people 4 – 90 years old.

Watch our 10-minute training video at or read through these instructions so you can help us keep our data accurate.

Bring a friend! Testing is done best by 2 or more people. You have lots to do: conduct the experiments, record the results, and keep the boat stationary.

Testkits lead to transformation. Testers have told us how much they enjoy testing, and we want to make sure your work has an impact. If you’re willing, we’ll ask you to fill out a questionnaire on your experience. We’ll also ask you to give us tips on how we can improve, or help us test out new equipment. This year’s studies will be co-designed by Carleton University.

So far, our participants have shown that they are now more likely to act to protect waterways, and that our testing equipment is accurate compared to professional probes.

Learn more about our studies here: