Not sure if a workshop is right for you?

Contact our science education co-ordinator, Juno, to learn more about how we run our workshops!

Want to get testing but don’t know where to start? Or maybe you’re planning a water science unit for your class and want a special activity to give them a hands on conservation experience. An educational workshop with Water Rangers brings expert ecologists into the classroom to share knowledge, skills, and a passion for water conservation. Our workshops are a great fit for students from Grades 5-12, environment clubs, youth groups, or homeschool circles, and are equally as effective online or in person. Pick the excursion that fits your classroom best and sign up!

All our programs are free of charge for educators through a generous grant from NSERC PromoScience.

In-person excursions

  • 60 Minute, hands on excursions for groups in Ottawa/Gatineau
  • Kits provided!
  • Outdoor, socially-distanced, COVID-safe education opportunity

Zoom workshops

  • Let us come live to your classroom anywhere!
  • Test-along journey on the Mississippi River, Ontario with an expert ecologist
  • 60-minutes of follow along activities and curriculum connections

Mail-out programs

  • We send a package to your classroom complete with easy tools to get you out testing!
  • Linked to online course and teaching resources
  • Quick-start way to get on the water
  • Note that our mail-out programs are only available at certain times throughout the year- if we can’t send you a package as soon as you’d like, we’ll be sure to notify you of future mail-outs!