For educators

Interested in live training?

We can provide you and your group with additional training – virtually or in-person- depending on where you’re located! Check out our workshops page for more information.

The information in this section was developed with school groups in mind. However, these resources can also be used to plan fun sessions for adults and community groups.

You can use the Water Rangers testkit for citizen science excursions, or you can modify what you do based on equipment you have. Citizen science can be done with just your eyes, after all!

If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, please contact us! We’re always looking to improve and expand our educational offering.

Education FAQs

We have been using our Testkits with groups of students since 2018. As such, we are always adapting them to suit students’ needs!

We find that the Freshwater Explorer Testkit is best used between 4-5 junior/intermediate students, and is great for any body of water.

The Compact Freshwater Testkit is intended for smaller groups of 2-4 students, and is best for rivers, streams and ponds.

The Tiny Testkit is great for 1-2 young students, and can be used anywhere with easy access to a shoreline!

We have some helpful information for teachers here. We have also just launched our new Education Testkit, which was made with teachers and junior/intermediate classrooms in mind. If you’d like to know more, contact us!

We love talking to kids about the work that Water Rangers does and how they can use our testkits! We’re actively looking for teachers to help us test and develop a curriculum around water testing with Water Rangers. If you’re interested in participating, please contact us.

If you want us to come give a presentation, contact us. Keep in mind that although we have testers from all across North America and beyond, we are physically located in the Ottawa and Montreal regions, and we ask that our mileage be covered.

Support for our education program

Our education program is possible thanks to generous support from NSERC.

Right from the beginning Juno set a great tone. Her background (the Mississippi) drew the students in and her effusive and enthusiastic personality shone through… all students we glued to the screen and engaged in this talk. The demonstration on how to use the kit prepared students to confidently test water later in the afternoon and on the next day.

Greg Stephens, Grade 11 teacher