Waste and sustainability

Here at Water Rangers, we are always thinking about the kinds of impact that we have on our environment. These are some things we are doing to reduce the negative effect of waste on the earth.

Biodegradable packing peanuts

Nested along awesome Water Rangers stuff that you receive on the mail, are other great things which you might not know about – packing peanuts. They are completely biodegradable, made from wheat, corn, and starch meaning they can be thrown into the compost. They even dissolve in water and harmless for the drain!

Dissolved Oxygen ampoule & Teststrip recycling

We are working with Waste Management students at Algonquin College to come up with ways to recycle used dissolved oxygen ampoules & test strips. Stay tuned to find out more about the kinds of innovative solutions they come up with!

Recyclable envelopes

Unlike the regular plastic bubble envelopes, the padded envelopes that we use are made completely from cardboard and paper. Which means you can put the whole envelope in the paper recycling bin with ease.

Shore cleanups

Whenever we host a Water Rangers event with groups, we bring trash pickers and make sure that shore line cleanup is a part of our programming. That way everyone can enjoy the water!

I took a kit along to the Toronto Island SUP, for a day on the lagoon. The kit fits easily on the board and this allows you to take water samples from places other than the shoreline. All the instrument were easy to use even on a moving board.

Elise Mackie, Swim Drink Fish