Pre-order: Tiny testkit 10-pack 2022 Edition

Are you working with a group of students or volunteers? Our smallest testkit, the Tiny Testkit, is perfect for you!

This kit is great for young learners with no previous water testing experience and for those wanting an introduction to water testing. Since this kit is tiny and lightweight, it can be used anywhere quickly and easily. Each tiny kit can be used by 1 to 2 kids at a time.

Our pack of 10 Tiny Testkits is an affordable option for those working with 10-20 kids or for groups wanting to try water testing for the first time. You can also buy a single kit here.


These test strips help you to test the chemical makeup of water. They’re accurate and easy to use! You can use them to measure pH, Alkalinity, Chlorine, and Total Hardness – all important markers of water health.

Read more about why we love these test strips here.

Conductivity meter

Lightweight, easy to use, and accurate… what more could a community scientist ask for? This meter offers accurate conductivity (0 to 3999 us/cm) and TDS (0 to 2000 ppm) readings, as well as temperature measurements. It also holds its calibration for a year or more!

Salinity meter

Wondering how salty a body of water is? Use this salinity meter to find out!  

This salinity meter is easy to use and is extremely accurate. Regular maintenance and calibration required. 

If regular calibration isn’t for you, check out our refractometer instead! 

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