Ocean Week Canada Tinykit

Celebrate Ocean Week Canada with your own Tiny Testkit! Our smallest testkit, the Tiny Testkit, is designed to give you an introduction to water testing. Tiny, lightweight and convenient for quick sampling, this kit can be used by 1 to 2 testers at a time for ocean or freshwater. Learn more about Ocean Week Canada on their website!

Conductivity meter

Lightweight, easy to use, and accurate… what more could a community scientist ask for? This meter offers accurate conductivity (0 to 3999 us/cm) readings, as well as temperature measurements. It also holds its calibration for a year or more! Learn more below.

Salinity meter

Wondering how salty a body of water is? Use this salinity meter to find out!  

This salinity meter is easy to use and is extremely accurate. Regular maintenance and calibration required. 

If regular calibration isn’t for you, check out our refractometer instead! 

Bulk discount: Order 5 and get 5% off!

pH meter

pH meter

Our pH meter is lightweight, easy to use, and accurate. If you need a quick and easy way of sampling pH, this is the tool for you! The pH meter offers accurate pH readings from 0-14, as close as +/- 0.2pH, and temperature readings within one degree! Calibration is done in with powder pouches in three easy steps at 4, 7, and 10.


  • 1 pH meter
  • 3 x pH Powder ( pH4.01, pH7.00 & pH10.01)


These test strips help you to test the chemical makeup of water. They’re accurate and easy to use! You can use them to measure pH, Alkalinity, Chlorine, and Total Hardness – all important markers of water health.

Read more about why we love these test strips here.

“What the Fish?!” long sleeve t-shirt

Available for order! These long-sleeve “What the Fish?!” shirts will be sure to turn heads, whether you’re out collecting water samples, doing fieldwork, or in the office! These shirts are made from ethically sourced, sustainable cotton.

We all have our reasons for wanting to test water quality and understand when water is healthy. For many people, understanding if the water is healthy enough to support some of their favourite fish is very important. In 2021, we decided to ask our community which freshwater fish they were most passionate about! To learn more about our design and the fish that are a part of it, check out the “What the fish?!” page!

Water Rangers ball cap

Our new Water Rangers ball cap is stylish, comfortable, and classic!

This navy blue ball cap is a classic, one size fits all style with our recognizable logo on the front! Whether you are water testing, volunteering for us, or showing your support for community water monitoring, this hat is for you.