Explore water with us!

We help citizen scientists LIKE YOU explore and collect data about waterways.

We’re also working with lots of groups like the Ottawa Riverkeeper, Rideau Valley Conservation Authority, the City of Ottawa, and Mobile Baykeeper in Alabama who have been collecting data for years. The public can access all their information in one spot and learn more about what these tests mean.

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Now with over 15,000 observations! in 757 locations 🙂

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Starting with the Ottawa River…

We want you to know what measurements mean. We’re currently testing our Beta version for Ottawa area with help from Mobile Baykeepers in Alabama!

  • Location-based observations & photos
  • Mini graphs so you can see trends
  • Learn about invasive species
  • So much more coming soon!

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Who are the Water Rangers?

Water Rangers go out and get their hands dirty (and wet!) collecting water observations because they know it’s an integral part of protecting our beautiful ecosystems.

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